About WPM

Engineering by Sweden

The Wood Processing Machinery at WPM Sweden is all about quality you can trust. For us it’s a matter of control; to be completely focused on every detail and still make room for new ways and creative engineering. It is also a matter of a long-term commitment. We know that our machines will operate for decades and therefore our design is carried out with regards to service and spare parts – making parts easy to install, and always standard. We also work with as much reusable spare parts as possible for instance via Chip brakers and turnable table plates. 

Always a fast way action

The staff at WPM Sweden in Halmstad are dedicated to keep the decision times as fast as possible. Most of us have a background in big companies with more complicated ways of handling new requests. Our mission is to keep it simple and fast at all times. We want our customers to be returning customers and are expanding our service and support at the same pace as our business grow.